How to Choose Best Mirror For a 60-inch Bathroom Vanity

How to Choose Best Mirror For a 60-inch Bathroom Vanity (6 Tips)

Best Mirror For a 60-inch Bathroom Vanity

When properly scaling a mirror for a 60-inch wide vanity, size matters.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a mirror at least half as wide as the vanity, though a width of 55 to 65 inches is ideal. This creates a proportional look that balances the vanity’s ample visual weight. A tall, narrow mirror may feel disjointed and bottom-heavy, while an overwide mirror can seem imposing.

For a bathroom shared by all family members, consider universal design principles that accommodate a range of heights. Place the mirror’s center point 58 to 60 inches from the floor to allow children and adults to see themselves fully. If the mirror sits adjacent to the vanity, opt for a height of at least 32 inches to capture users from head to toe. Hanging the mirror right over the vanity provides more width and height flexibility.

Don’t forget about proper illumination around the mirror space. Wall sconces mounted at eye level on either side provide helpful task lighting. Draw the eye upward and prevent shadows with hanging pendant lights or ceiling fixtures. Ambient lighting radiates a soft glow that flatters the face for shaving and applying makeup. Include LED vanity lighting for the closest and sharpest view during detailed grooming.

The mirror’s shape can create interesting aesthetic dimensions while serving functional needs. An oval or round mirror adds curves to balance the vanity’s straight lines and soften the space.

Rectangular mirrors can stretch horizontally to match extra wide vanities or narrow spaces. Distinctive shapes like a modern polygon design or framed edge can accentuate the mirror as a focal point.

Ultimately, standing back and assessing the mirror’s visual weight in proportion to the vanity is key. They should balance each other out evenly, never appearing too bottom or top-heavy. The right-sized mirror pulls the whole look together, creating a polished bathroom that both looks and functions beautifully.

6 Tips to Choose The Best Mirror For a 60-inch Bathroom Vanity

Tip 1: Consider the Vanity’s Visual Weight

The wide 60-inch vanity has a commanding visual presence. Its substantial size and bulk necessitate a mirror size that balances the scales. A mirror that is too small will look lost, making the vanity seem massive and undesirably bottom-heavy. Choose a mirror height of 32-36 inches minimum to create symmetry. The ideal mirror will feel as substantial as the vanity itself.

Tip 2: Follow General Bathroom Mirror Size Guidelines

Standard interior design guidelines provide a starting point for selecting the right mirror size. For a 60-inch vanity, experts recommend a minimum mirror width of 48 inches. However, a width of 55 to 65 inches is ideal for proper proportion. This range provides ample reflection while preventing an overly dominant mirror.

Tip 3: Factor in the Mirror’s Location

Consider the mirror’s positioning in relation to the vanity. If it will hang on the wall directly above, a wider style can suit. Positioned adjacent to the vanity may call for a slightly narrower size of 55-60 inches. Allow for at least 5-10 inches less width to maintain balance and perspective.

Tip 4: Choose Width Over Height

Favor a wider, shorter mirror over a narrow, tall one. Aim for a mirror that is at least 60% as wide as the vanity itself. The wider dimensions help balance the vanity’s horizontal span. Tall ceilings can accommodate a height of up to 42 inches, but wider wingspans prevent a disjointed look.

Tip 5: Accommodate All Users

Consider the needs of children, taller adults and those with mobility needs. Place the center point 58-60 inches from the floor to comfortably accommodate most heights. If used exclusively by adults, the center can be slightly higher at 60-66 inches. Install dimmable lighting to adjust brightness as needed.

Tip 6: Light the Space Properly

Strategic lighting prevents shadows and glare on the mirror. Wall sconces flanking the mirror provide even illumination. Overhead pendant lights or LED vanity strips enhance visibility for grooming tasks. Proper lighting provides ambiance and prevents a “floating” mirrored look.

Final Considerations: How To Find The Perfect Vanity Mirror

Finding the perfect vanity mirror is the final step in completing a 60 inch double vanity bathroom. When shopping for the right mirror to pair with the spacious 60 inch vanity, consider both form and function. A bathroom mirror sized in proper proportion creates an aesthetic and well-balanced look.

The ideal rectangular or frameless vanity mirror for a 60 inch bathroom vanity has ample width to match the visual weight of the substantial double vanity. Sized correctly, the rectangular mirror sits vertically in symmetry without appearing undersized and disjointed. When shopping, look for a vanity mirror approximately 60% of the width of the 60 inch bathroom vanity. An anti-fog LED lit medicine cabinet mirror can provide both practical storage and stylish design.

Positioning matters, too. Hang the large 60 inch vanity mirror centered directly above the double vanity for a built-in look. Flank it with sconces to prevent shadows. Situating the rectangular or frameless mirror on an adjacent wall calls for slightly narrower sizing to maintain balance and perspective.

The vanity mirror reflects light, framing the space beautifully when sized to proportion. Beyond function, an ideally sized vanity mirror becomes a focal point, turning the abasic grooming station into an artistic highlight of the bathroom. When paired correctly in size and placement, the mirror and 60 inch vanity create a polished, proportional bathroom vanity that pulls the whole look together.

Careful attention to scale brings bathroom nirvana. Use these tips when selecting the finishing vanity mirror for a stylish, functional 60-inch bathroom vanity space. A mirror-sized in perfect concert with substantial vanity reflects beauty and balance.

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